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JOA Spreadsheet

Job Descriptions
View Job Code Job Title District Job?
R01022 Administrative Technician Yes
R04880 Administrator of Aviation
R04116 Administrator of Freight and Waterways
R04881 Administrator of Railroads
R04882 Administrator of Transit
R02503 Airplane Pilot
R05884 Airport Project Manager
R01044 Airport Project Technician
R05449 Area Engineer Yes
R01108 Assistant Bridge Maintenance Supervisor Yes
R04024 Assistant Communications Director
R01590 Assistant Design Technician Yes
R05042 Assistant District Bridge Engineer Yes
R05078 Assistant District Construction and Materials Engineer Yes
R05751 Assistant District Engineer Yes
R05076 Assistant District Maintenance Engineer Yes
R05077 Assistant District Maintenance and Traffic Engineer Yes
R01089 Assistant Equipment Technician Yes
R04621 Assistant Financial Services Director
R06684 Assistant Historic Preservation Manager
R04720 Assistant Human Resources Director
R04613 Assistant Information Systems Director
R04459 Assistant Maintenance Liaison
R01380 Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Yes
R04093 Assistant Motor Carrier Services Director
R04730 Assistant Right of Way Manager Yes
R04728 Assistant Right of Way Manager-Certified Yes
R05852 Assistant State Bridge Engineer
R05711 Assistant State Construction and Materials Engineer
R05717 Assistant State Design Engineer
R05046 Assistant State Design Engineer - Local Programs Administrator
R01569 Assistant Survey Technician Yes
R01371 Assistant Traffic Technician Yes
R04141 Assistant Transportation Planning Director
R04755 Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer - Employee Health and Wellness
R04754 Assistant to the Chief Safety and Operations Officer - Safety and Emergency Management
R04434 Assistant to the District Engineer Yes
R05082 Assistant to the Resident Engineer Yes
R04139 Assistant to the State Design Engineer - Right of Way
R04173 Assistant to the State Highway Safety and Traffic Engineer
R04426 Audit Manager
R04838 Auditor
R04134 Audits and Investigations Administrator
R04021 Aviation Operations Manager
R05642 Aviation Programs Manager
R04064 Benefits Specialist
R05757 Bidding and Contract Services Engineer
R01058 Bridge Inspection Crew Leader
R01057 Bridge Inspection Crew Member
R01054 Bridge Inspection Crew Supervisor
R05858 Bridge Inspection Engineer
R05041 Bridge Inspector Yes
R03564 Bridge Inventory Analyst
R05816 Bridge Location and Layout Designer
R01102 Bridge Maintenance Crew Leader Yes
R01053 Bridge Maintenance Superintendent
R01109 Bridge Maintenance Supervisor Yes
R01101 Bridge Maintenance Worker Yes
R05875 Bridge Management Engineer
R05412 Bridge Rating and Inventory Engineer
R01329 Building Custodian Yes
R04102 Business Systems Support Manager
R04023 Business Systems Support Specialist
R03016 Cartographer
R04440 Central Office General Services Manager
R04601 Central Office Safety and Health Manager
R04890 Certified Appraiser Yes
R04727 Chemical Laboratory Director
R04780 Chemist
R04039 Civil Rights Specialist
R04644 Claims Administration Manager
R04122 Commercial Motor Vehicle Program Manager
R04606 Communications Coordinator
R04443 Communications Manager Yes
R04828 Communications Specialist Yes
R04059 Community Liaison Yes
R04634 Compensation Manager
R05640 Computer Aided Drafting & Design Support Analyst
R05610 Computer Aided Drafting and Design Services Engineer
R05083 Computer Aided Drafting and Design Support Engineer
R03011 Computer Aided Drafting and Design Support Specialist
R05697 Computer Liaison, Design
R03119 Construction Contract Administrator
R05736 Construction Inspector Yes
R04094 Construction Management Systems Administrator
R01272 Construction Project Office Assistant
R01515 Construction Technician Yes
R05029 Construction and Materials Liaison Engineer
R04019 Contract Monitoring Coordinator
R04905 Contract Monitoring Specialist
R01318 Core Drill Assistant
R01319 Core Drill Operator
R01356 Core Drill Superintendent
R01370 Core Drill Supervisor
R01098 Customer Service Representative Yes
R04104 Data Report Analyst
R05003 Design Liaison Engineer
R04120 Design Management Systems Administrator
R05025 Design Support Engineer
R01517 Design Technician Yes
R05453 District Bridge Engineer Yes
R05659 District Construction Liaison Yes
R05080 District Construction and Materials Engineer Yes
R05452 District Design Engineer Yes
R05893 District Design Liaison Yes
R03133 District Final Plans and Reports Processor Yes
R04458 District Information Systems Manager Yes
R02016 District Land Survey Manager Yes
R05072 District Maintenance Engineer Yes
R05081 District Maintenance and Traffic Engineer Yes
R03010 District Office Services Supervisor
R05462 District Planning Manager Yes
R04051 District Safety and Health Manager Yes
R05450 District Traffic Engineer Yes
R05755 District Utilities Engineer Yes
R04136 Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
R01147 Division Administrative Support Supervisor
R09979 Emergency Maintenance Equipment Operator Yes
R04255 Emergency Management Coordinator
R04140 Emergency Management Liaison
R04506 Emergency Management Specialist
R04115 Employee Benefits Manager
R04442 Employee Development Manager
R04011 Employee Development Specialist
R04633 Employment Manager
R04411 Environmental Chemist
R04665 Environmental Compliance Manager
R04052 Environmental Specialist
R04126 Environmental Specialist - Safety Sensitive
R06608 Environmental and Historic Preservation Manager
R02017 Equipment Technician Yes
R02020 Equipment Technician Supervisor Yes
R03514 Equipment Technician Support Specialist
R05010 Estimate and Review Engineer
R05758 Estimator
R01026 Executive Assistant Yes
R04123 External Civil Rights Manager
R05865 Fabrication Operations Engineer
R03057 Fabrication Technician
R01306 Facility Operations Crew Worker Yes
R02006 Facility Operations Specialist Yes
R02005 Facility Operations Supervisor Yes
R03398 Field Acquisition Coordinator
R02363 Field Acquisition Technician
R05768 Field Materials Engineer
R03149 Final Plans Reviewer
R04050 Financial Services Administrator
R04121 Financial Services Coordinator
R04724 Financial Services Manager
R04632 Financial Services Specialist Yes
R01027 Financial Services Technician Yes
R01099 General Laborer Yes
R04089 General Services Manager Yes
R04008 General Services Specialist Yes
R01031 General Services Technician Yes
R04408 Geographic Information System Specialist
R05459 Geologist
R05823 Geotechnical Director
R05822 Geotechnical Engineer
R05824 Geotechnical Specialist Yes
R04070 Governmental Relations Specialist
R05776 Highway Designer Yes
R04047 Highway Safety Program Administrator
R06689 Historic Preservation Manager
R04071 Historic Preservation Specialist
R04135 Historic Preservation Specialist - Nonsafety Sensitive
R04866 Human Resources Administrator
R04897 Human Resources Manager Yes
R04849 Human Resources Specialist Yes
R01029 Human Resources Technician Yes
R01020 Incident Management Coordinator Yes
R04060 Information Systems Project Manager
R04067 Information Systems Supervisor
R01074 Information Systems Technician Yes
R04695 Information Systems Technologist
R04110 Information Systems Technology Specialist
R04779 Intermediate Auditor
R04066 Intermediate Benefits Specialist
R01056 Intermediate Bridge Inspection Crew Member
R01106 Intermediate Bridge Maintenance Worker Yes
R04072 Intermediate Chemist
R04040 Intermediate Civil Rights Specialist
R04477 Intermediate Communications Specialist Yes
R03566 Intermediate Computer Aided Drafting and Design Support Specialist
R05626 Intermediate Construction Inspector Yes
R01589 Intermediate Construction Technician Yes
R01369 Intermediate Core Drill Assistant
R04106 Intermediate Data Report Analyst
R01534 Intermediate Design Technician Yes
R04137 Intermediate Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
R04507 Intermediate Emergency Management Specialist
R04012 Intermediate Employee Development Specialist
R04053 Intermediate Environmental Specialist
R04127 Intermediate Environmental Specialist - Safety Sensitive
R02018 Intermediate Equipment Technician Yes
R02267 Intermediate Field Acquisition Technician
R04617 Intermediate Financial Services Specialist Yes
R04445 Intermediate General Services Specialist Yes
R04409 Intermediate Geographic Information System Specialist
R05027 Intermediate Geotechnical Specialist
R04647 Intermediate Governmental Relations Specialist
R05629 Intermediate Highway Designer Yes
R04073 Intermediate Historic Preservation Specialist
R04133 Intermediate Historic Preservation Specialist - Nonsafety Sensitive
R04605 Intermediate Human Resources Specialist Yes
R01075 Intermediate Information Systems Technician Yes
R04029 Intermediate Information Systems Technologist
R04005 Intermediate Investigator
R05104 Intermediate Maintenance Engineering Specialist Yes
R04542 Intermediate Maintenance Operations Specialist Yes
R01065 Intermediate Maintenance Technician Yes
R01301 Intermediate Maintenance Worker Yes
R05771 Intermediate Materials Inspector Yes
R05651 Intermediate Materials Specialist
R01593 Intermediate Materials Technician Yes
R01213 Intermediate Motor Carrier Agent
R04074 Intermediate Multimodal Operations Specialist
R04062 Intermediate Organizational Performance Analyst
R04085 Intermediate Paralegal Yes
R05019 Intermediate Pavement Specialist Yes
R01038 Intermediate Planning Technician Yes
R04103 Intermediate Procurement Agent Yes
R05086 Intermediate Project Development Specialist
R05035 Intermediate Project Reviewer
R01095 Intermediate Remote Sensing Technician
R05015 Intermediate Research Analyst
R04456 Intermediate Right of Way Specialist Yes
R04878 Intermediate Risk Management Specialist
R04131 Intermediate Roadside Management Specialist
R04465 Intermediate Safety Specialist Yes
R05630 Intermediate Structural Designer
R03543 Intermediate Structural Technician
R02012 Intermediate Survey Technician Yes
R04585 Intermediate System Management Specialist
R02350 Intermediate Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician Yes
R05475 Intermediate Traffic Studies Specialist Yes
R05040 Intermediate Traffic Studies Specialist - Nonsafety Sensitive
R01595 Intermediate Traffic Technician Yes
R05798 Intermediate Transportation Planner Yes
R04016 Investigation Manager
R04003 Investigator
R02015 Land Survey Coordinator
R02582 Land Survey Supervisor Yes
R02583 Land Surveyor Yes
R02014 Land Surveyor in Training Yes
R02362 Lead Field Acquisition Technician
R04600 Lead Information Systems Technologist
R03047 Legal Assistant Yes
R04088 Legal Office Manager
R01286 Legal Secretary Yes
R01014 Mail Center Operator
R01061 Maintenance Crew Leader Yes
R05103 Maintenance Engineering Specialist Yes
R04460 Maintenance Liaison
R05765 Maintenance Liaison Engineer
R04203 Maintenance Management System Administrator
R04541 Maintenance Operations Specialist Yes
R01330 Maintenance Superintendent Yes
R01379 Maintenance Supervisor Yes
R01064 Maintenance Technician Yes
R01333 Maintenance Worker Yes
R05787 Materials Inspector Yes
R05781 Materials Specialist
R01592 Materials Technician Yes
R01071 Materials Testing Specialist
R01070 Materials Testing Supervisor
R01007 Motor Carrier Agent
R03238 Motor Carrier Compliance Supervisor
R04045 Motor Carrier Investigations Specialist
R04118 Motor Carrier Project Manager
R04035 Motor Carrier Services Administrator
R04036 Motor Carrier Services Program Manager
R03018 Motor Carrier Services System and Training Analyst
R01040 Motor Carrier Technician
R01307 Motorist Assistance Operations Supervisor Yes
R01392 Motorist Assistance Operator Yes
R01393 Motorist Assistance Shift Supervisor Yes
R04076 Multimodal Operations Specialist
R05649 Off-System Plans Reviewer
R01024 Office Assistant Yes
R04063 Organizational Performance Analyst
R06006 Organizational Performance Specialist
R04431 Outdoor Advertising Manager
R04112 Outdoor Advertising Permit Specialist Yes
R04467 Outdoor Advertising Specialist Yes
R01587 Outdoor Advertising Technician
R04027 Outreach Coordinator
R04084 Paralegal Yes
R05446 Pavement Engineer
R05021 Pavement Specialist Yes
R05797 Physical Laboratory Director
R01037 Planning Technician Yes
R05944 Planning and Programming Coordinator
R04142 Policy and Innovation Program Manager
R05044 Policy and Innovations Engineer
R01193 Printing Technician
R04427 Procurement Agent Yes
R05085 Project Development Specialist
R05036 Project Reviewer
R01004 Rail Safety Specialist
R04033 Railroad Operations Manager
R05614 Railroad Projects Manager
R01092 Railroad Safety Inspector
R09936 Registered Architect
R01097 Remote Sensing Technician
R05017 Research Analyst
R05288 Research Director
R05013 Research Engineer
R05809 Resident Engineer Yes
R04861 Right of Way Liaison
R04752 Right of Way Manager Yes
R04699 Right of Way Specialist Yes
R01019 Right of Way Technician
R04422 Risk Management Specialist
R01033 Risk Management Technician Yes
R05456 Roadside Design Specialist
R04130 Roadside Management Specialist
R04664 Roadside Manager Yes
R04603 Safety Specialist Yes
R04129 Safety and Claims Manager
R09971 Seasonal Maintenance Worker Yes
R01023 Senior Administrative Technician Yes
R04628 Senior Auditor
R04065 Senior Benefits Specialist
R01055 Senior Bridge Inspection Crew Member
R01107 Senior Bridge Maintenance Worker Yes
R01376 Senior Building Custodian Yes
R03014 Senior Cartographer
R04087 Senior Chemist
R04041 Senior Civil Rights Specialist
R04607 Senior Communications Specialist Yes
R03012 Senior Computer Aided Drafting and Design Support Specialist
R05813 Senior Construction Inspector Yes
R01516 Senior Construction Technician Yes
R01317 Senior Core Drill Assistant
R01084 Senior Customer Service Representative Yes
R04107 Senior Data Report Analyst
R01591 Senior Design Technician Yes
R04138 Senior Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
R04508 Senior Emergency Management Specialist
R04009 Senior Employee Development Specialist
R04054 Senior Environmental Specialist
R04128 Senior Environmental Specialist - Safety Sensitive
R02019 Senior Equipment Technician Yes
R05037 Senior Estimator
R01146 Senior Executive Assistant
R01085 Senior Executive Assistant to the Director
R03536 Senior Fabrication Technician
R01391 Senior Facility Operations Crew Worker Yes
R02007 Senior Facility Operations Specialist Yes
R02021 Senior Field Acquisition Technician
R04740 Senior Financial Services Specialist Yes
R01028 Senior Financial Services Technician Yes
R04007 Senior General Services Specialist Yes
R01032 Senior General Services Technician Yes
R04078 Senior Geographic Information System Specialist
R05773 Senior Geotechnical Specialist Yes
R04010 Senior Governmental Relations Specialist
R05814 Senior Highway Designer Yes
R04079 Senior Historic Preservation Specialist
R04124 Senior Historic Preservation Specialist - Nonsafety Sensitive
R04862 Senior Human Resources Specialist Yes
R01030 Senior Human Resources Technician Yes
R01088 Senior Information Systems Technician Yes
R04696 Senior Information Systems Technologist
R04001 Senior Investigator
R01159 Senior Mail Center Operator
R05105 Senior Maintenance Engineering Specialist Yes
R04543 Senior Maintenance Operations Specialist Yes
R01066 Senior Maintenance Technician Yes
R01335 Senior Maintenance Worker Yes
R05772 Senior Materials Inspector Yes
R05623 Senior Materials Specialist
R01501 Senior Materials Technician Yes
R01287 Senior Motor Carrier Agent
R01041 Senior Motor Carrier Technician
R04080 Senior Multimodal Operations Specialist
R01025 Senior Office Assistant Yes
R04061 Senior Organizational Performance Analyst
R04113 Senior Outdoor Advertising Permit Specialist Yes
R01083 Senior Outdoor Advertising Technician
R04081 Senior Paralegal Yes
R05023 Senior Pavement Specialist Yes
R01039 Senior Planning Technician Yes
R01289 Senior Printing Technician
R04101 Senior Procurement Agent Yes
R05087 Senior Project Development Specialist
R05034 Senior Project Reviewer
R01005 Senior Railroad Safety Inspector
R01093 Senior Remote Sensing Technician
R05014 Senior Research Analyst
R04698 Senior Right of Way Specialist Yes
R01046 Senior Right of Way Technician
R04692 Senior Risk Management Specialist
R01034 Senior Risk Management Technician Yes
R04870 Senior Roadside Management Specialist
R04466 Senior Safety Specialist Yes
R05818 Senior Structural Designer
R05056 Senior Structural Engineer
R03059 Senior Structural Technician
R01073 Senior Supply Agent Yes
R02013 Senior Survey Technician Yes
R04712 Senior System Management Specialist
R01036 Senior System Management Technician
R02008 Senior Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician Yes
R03028 Senior Traffic Specialist Yes
R03024 Senior Traffic Specialist - Nonsafety Sensitive
R05754 Senior Traffic Studies Specialist Yes
R05033 Senior Traffic Studies Specialist - Nonsafety Sensitive
R01015 Senior Traffic Systems Operator
R01596 Senior Traffic Technician Yes
R01113 Senior Traffic Technician - Nonsafety Sensitive
R04038 Senior Transportation Enforcement Investigator
R05815 Senior Transportation Planner Yes
R04032 Special Projects Coordinator
R05043 Standards Specialist
R04256 State Safety Coordinator
R05084 Statewide Incident Response Coordinator
R04817 Statistician
R01395 Stockroom Supervisor Yes
R04132 Stormwater Compliance Coordinator
R03058 Structural Analyst
R05834 Structural Designer
R05831 Structural Development and Support Engineer
R05430 Structural Hydraulics and Preliminary Design Engineer
R05737 Structural Liaison Engineer
R05476 Structural Project Manager
R05471 Structural Resource Manager
R05032 Structural Review Engineer
R03414 Structural Specialist
R03544 Structural Technician
R05009 Supervising Bridge Inspection Engineer
R01394 Supply Agent Yes
R01042 Supply Office Assistant
R04636 Support Services Manager Yes
R02011 Survey Technician Yes
R04372 System Management Specialist
R01035 System Management Technician
R05024 Traffic Center Manager
R03020 Traffic Communication Specialist
R04516 Traffic Incident Manager
R05018 Traffic Liaison Engineer
R05026 Traffic Management and Operations Engineer
R05667 Traffic Operations Engineer Yes
R03586 Traffic Operations Supervisor Yes
R05039 Traffic Safety Engineer
R02381 Traffic Signal and Lighting Technician Yes
R03522 Traffic Specialist Yes
R05851 Traffic Studies Specialist Yes
R05031 Traffic Studies Specialist - Nonsafety Sensitive
R02009 Traffic Supervisor Yes
R01081 Traffic Systems Operator
R01082 Traffic Systems Supervisor Yes
R01594 Traffic Technician Yes
R04639 Transportation Data Analyst
R04042 Transportation Enforcement Investigations Supervisor
R04037 Transportation Enforcement Investigator
R04099 Transportation Management Systems Administrator
R05856 Transportation Planner Yes
R05461 Transportation Planning Coordinator Yes
R04082 Transportation Planning Specialist Yes
R05748 Transportation Project Designer Yes
R05444 Transportation Project Manager Yes
R04441 Transportation System Analysis Coordinator
R01103 Urban Traffic Supervisor Yes
R01105 Utility Locator Yes
R04086 Wetland Coordinator